Public Support for Food Stamps
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FILEFRAC 12.3.2012 Webinar Ppt. Slides (1 Per Page)
FILEFRAC 12.3.2012 Webinar Ppt. Slides (3 Per Page)
MP4Public Support for Food Stamps
Recent polling data show that large majorities of Americans believe that hunger is a serious problem that the country must address and that the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a program that is important and should not be cut. Join FRAC and Hart Research for this webinar which will discuss the latest polling research, implications and messages for anti-hunger advocates, and how proposed cuts to SNAP are met by broad opposition.

• Jim Weill, Food Research and Action Center
• Guy Molyneux, Hart Research

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Webinar Date:
December 03, 2012