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Upcoming Webinars
Collapse Taking Action to Mobilize the Vote
Formats Available: Live Event + Archive
Original Webinar Date: October 23, 2020
MORE INFOMORE INFO Taking Action to Mobilize the Vote
Collapse Gender and Racial Justice in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Women, especially women of color, women with disabilities, older women, and immigrant women, as well as LGBTQIA+ individuals, are disproportionately susceptible to economic and food insecurity. Despite the temporary relief from emergency allotments during the public health emergency, the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated these challenges, especially for women of color.

Join the Food Research & Action Center, National Women's Law Center, and MomsRising for a webinar about the benefits of SNAP for women and families, the barriers to accessing SNAP that marginalized people face, and recommendations to improve SNAP in an effort to eliminate the clear disparities that these groups face.

Formats Available: Webinar
Original Webinar Date: July 23, 2024
MORE INFOMORE INFO Gender and Racial Justice in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
Collapse Boosting School Budgets with Afterschool Suppers and Snacks

It pays to serve afterschool suppers and snacks! Through the Afterschool Nutrition Programs, schools can receive reimbursement for every supper and snack served at eligible sites. This funding can add up! This webinar will showcase how school districts are drawing down funding to create financially viable afterschool nutrition programs, as well as tips and tricks for covering extra staff hours, program structure, and staffing ideas.

Formats Available: Webinar
Original Webinar Date: August 01, 2024
MORE INFOMORE INFO Boosting School Budgets with Afterschool Suppers and Snacks
Collapse Expansion Strategies for Afterschool Suppers and Snacks

While there has been important progress made on expanding the reach of afterschool suppers over the last ten years, there is still room to grow! Afterschool suppers and snacks are a critical support for the students that rely on free and reduced-price meals. As we head into the new school year, this webinar will feature existing and new promising practices for expanding access to afterschool suppers and snacks in every state.

Formats Available: Webinar
Original Webinar Date: August 22, 2024
MORE INFOMORE INFO Expansion Strategies for Afterschool Suppers and Snacks
Archived Webinars Date Available
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Opportunities for Supporting Voter Engagement as a 501(c)(3) Social Justice Organization Sep 01, 2020
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COVID-19: Meeting Students' Nutritional Needs Next School Year Jun 11, 2020
FRAC and UnidosUS: SNAP and COVID-19 May 21, 2020
Webinar: CACFP during COVID 19: New USDA flexibilities offer program options Apr 01, 2020
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2020 AHPC Capitol Hill Day Prep/Action Steps Webinar Feb 19, 2020
Webinar Recording: CACFP Proposed Rules: What You Need to Know Feb 14, 2020
Immigrant Families' Access to Nutrition: Threats and Strategies to Push Back Aug 14, 2019
What You Need to Know about SNAP Employment & Training, Changes to the 2018 Farm Bill and More Jul 17, 2019
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SNAP Matters for Seniors Apr 02, 2019
2019 AHPC Capitol Hill Day Prep/Action Steps Webinar Feb 11, 2019
Planning Ahead for Community Eligibility: Basics, Tools, and Implementation Tips Jan 10, 2019
Leveraging Nutrition Programs in Disasters Webinar Jul 25, 2018
Child Care Resource and Referral and the Child and Adult Care Food Program: Strengthening Food Access for Children through Child Care Systems May 31, 2018
Senior Hunger: Concrete Ways to Act Now Apr 26, 2018
Lobbying 101 Webinar Feb 07, 2018
Unpaid School Meal Fees Sep 15, 2017
Back to School: Start Serving Afterschool Meals Aug 17, 2017
Supporting Immigrant Families Aug 11, 2017
Launch of FRAC SNAP Participation Map Aug 02, 2017
Maintaining Food Security: Disasters and Household Misfortunes Jul 28, 2017
Public Opinion Poll on Hunger, and on Messaging to Bolster Support for Anti-Hunger Programs Jul 27, 2017
Engaging Educators in Breakfast After the Bell Jul 13, 2017
Breakfast Matters - Back to School webinar May 12, 2017
Community Eligibility in Rural Schools May 08, 2017
Poverty, Food Insecurity and SNAP Participation: Making Sense of Multiple Data Sources Sep 21, 2016
The Breakfast Blueprint: Planning, Implementation and Evaluation Best Practices Sep 09, 2016
Back to School: How to Market Your School Meals Program for a Successful Year Aug 12, 2016
Children's Issues are Voters' Issues Jun 29, 2016
National Call to Action - Oppose House Efforts to Block Grant and Weaken the Child Nutrition Programs Jun 07, 2016
The Community Eligibility Provision: Making High-Poverty Schools Hunger-Free May 20, 2016
New Healthier CACFP Meal Standards: What you need to know May 10, 2016
Nutrition Education and Other Enrichment Activities for Summer Meal Programs May 06, 2016
Principal Champions for Breakfast After the Bell in Secondary Schools Nov 13, 2015
The Fall Fiscal Showdown: What is at stake for children and families Sep 28, 2015
New Spanish Nutrition and Wellness Resources: CACFP Creating Healthier Child Care Environments Sep 18, 2015
USDA Food and Nutrition Service Webinar - Community Eligibility: Partial District Implementation Jul 29, 2015
The Community Eligibility Provision: Successful Implementation Jul 23, 2015
Hunger and Health: Connecting Patients to Food Assistance Jun 24, 2015
Community Eligibility - State & Local Education Funding: Allocations in the Absence of Application Data May 21, 2015
Breakfast Matters - Improving Nutrition Quality and Increasing Participation in Your Breakfast Program May 15, 2015
Training for End Hunger in America StoryCorps Project May 14, 2015
USDA Food and Nutrition Service - Community Eligibility Provision Webinar Series: Outreach to Eligible School Districts Apr 02, 2015
Lobby 101 - Painless Advocacy Feb 19, 2015
New Proposed Healthier CACFP Meal Standards: What You Need to Know Jan 30, 2015
New Polling on Attitudes and Perceptions of Hunger and Public Policy Oct 28, 2014
Children's Leadership Council Webinar: Taxes are a Children's Issue Oct 03, 2014
New USDA Recipes for Healthy Kids and CACFP Crediting Guide: Supporting Healthy Eating in Child Care Sep 09, 2014
Breakfast for Learning: How Education Groups are Joining Efforts to Improve the Learning Environment through Increased Access to School Breakfast Aug 20, 2014
CNR 101: Summer and Afterschool Meals Aug 07, 2014
Serving Children Year-Round: Afterschool Meals 101 for Summer Meal Sponsors Jul 30, 2014
Child Nutrition Reauthorization 101: The Basics Jun 26, 2014
Community Eligibility: Everything You Want to Know but Were Afraid to Ask Jun 23, 2014
Expandiendo el Acceso a Desayunos, Alimentos de Verano, y Alimentos después de la Escuela en Las Comunidades Latinas
Child Nutrition Webinar - Increasing Access to Breakfast, Summer, and Afterschool Meals in Latino Communities
Mar 20, 2014
Lobbying 101 Feb 19, 2014
Breakfast Matters "Community Eligibility: Creating Hunger - Free Schools" Webinar Series - Part I: Setting the Stage for Community Eligibility in the 2014-15 School Year Oct 11, 2013
Breakfast Matters - Back to School Webinar: Effective Strategies for Expanding Participation in School Meals in the 2013-2014 School Year Sep 13, 2013
Afterschool Meals Matter - Back-to-School Webinar: Start Serving Afterschool Meals This Fall Aug 07, 2013
SNAP in the Aftermath of Disaster: Advocacy and Outreach Best Practices Jul 18, 2013
Breakfast Matters 'How To' Webinar - The Finances of Operating Universal Breakfast in the Classroom Jul 12, 2013
Breakfast Matters: "How To" Webinar: Healthy Menus for Breakfast in the Classroom Apr 12, 2013
Lobbying 101/Painless Advocacy: The Rules of Engagement Feb 26, 2013
USDA's Smart Snacks in School Rule: What You Need to Know Feb 15, 2013
New USDA Nutrition and Wellness Handbook for Child Care Jan 25, 2013
Public Support for Food Stamps Dec 04, 2012
Afterschool Meals Sep 14, 2012
School Nutrition Update Sep 05, 2012
Disaster SNAP Jul 11, 2012
Lobbying 101 - Painless Advocacy Feb 17, 2012
New Healthier School Meal Standards: What You Need to Know Feb 03, 2012
Serving Meals and Snacks to Children on Weekends and School Holidays through the Afterschool Meal Program Nov 04, 2011
School Year 2011-2012 - New Opportunities to Increase Nutrition Resources for Low-Income School-Age Children Oct 12, 2011
Child Nutrition Reauthorization: Putting the Act into Action - "Healthy Choices for School Children: Getting the Junk Foods Out of Schools" Jun 16, 2011
Child Nutrition Reauthorization: Putting the Act into Action "Strategies for Success: Making the Most of the New School Water and Milk Requirements" May 24, 2011
What You Need to Know to Make the Most of the New School Nutrition and Wellness Improvements Feb 11, 2011
What you need to know about Improving and Streamlining Access to School Meals for Low-Income Children Feb 07, 2011
What You Need to Know About Summer Food Jan 28, 2011
What You Need to Know About Afterschool Meals Jan 20, 2011
What You Need to Know about CACFP Jan 14, 2011
CNR: Putting the Act into Action - Making Child Nutrition Reauthorization Work for Your Community Dec 17, 2010
Disability, Food Insecurity, and SNAP: Addressing the needs of Americans with Disabilities Dec 31, 1969
Community Eligibility - Successful Implementation Strategies Dec 31, 1969
The Children's Leadership Council webinar, "Making Children Count: Children in the 2020 Census" Nov 30, -0001
Strategies for Non-Profits to Use to Get Out the Vote Nov 30, -0001
CEP: California's ISP Validation Process Nov 30, -0001
Who's Speaking Up for Kids? Nov 30, -0001
Taking Action to Mobilize the Vote Nov 30, -0001
P-EBT 2.0 Nov 30, -0001
P-EBT Update and Overview of Latest Guidance Nov 30, -0001
A Conversation on Lived Expertise with Barbie Izquierdo, Jimmieka Mills & Diane Sullivan Nov 30, -0001