Immigrant Families' Access to Nutrition: Threats and Strategies to Push Back
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From “public charge” regulations to enforcement actions, immigrant families face a range of threats that may impact their access to nutrition programs and resources. This joint webinar brings FRAC, the National WIC Association, and Feeding America together with the Protecting Immigrant Families Campaign for a closer look at the Trump administration’s “invisible wall” and to consider actions that anti-hunger advocates, nutrition providers, and food banks can take to protect the nutrition, health, and well-being of immigrant families. Participants will leave the webinar with 1) a basic understanding of the administrative threats and how they fit together; 2) an overview of national advocates’ messages for families, social services agencies, and decision makers; and 3) opportunities to ask questions.


Update: Federal Judges have issued nationwide injunctions that stopped the U.S. Department of Homeland Security rule from taking effect October 15, 2019, as originally scheduled. For more, visit FRAC’s immigration page.


Presenters include:

  • Thao Nguyen, Feeding America
  • Alexandra Ashbrook, Food Research & Action Center
  • Jackie Vimo, National Immigration Law Center
  • Kat Lundie, National Immigration Law Center
  • Brian Dittmeier, National WIC Association
  • Ed Walz, Springboard Partners
Webinar Information
Webinar Date:
August 14, 2019